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Diane Burns Henderson and Adrian W. Burns (the children of Adrian D. and Ona S. Burns,) took over management and business operations of Burnsway Trailer Park in November of 2004. Less than a year after Diane Burns Henderson and Adrian W. Burns took over management and business operations, another hurricane would devastate the Gulf Coast.


On August 29, 2005 Hurricane Katrina proved to be a deadly and devastating storm, which unleashed it’s fury on the Gulf Coast area. The Park was unrecognizable. Buildings, units, homes, and all of the Parks' infrastructure was completely destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. Cargo and merchandise that was, typically, stored at the City Port had been pushed ashore by the damaging hurricane. Containers filled with chicken and shrimp, trucks, tires, paper rolls, lumber, t-shirts, and all types of debris storms can conjure up was dumped into the Park. Luckily, every person residing in the Park, at that time, was accounted for and had not sustained injuries due to Hurricane Katrina.

FEMA was contacted regarding the site on which the Park had been located. Diane Burns Henderson and Adrian W. Burns convinced FEMA to utilize the property to house victims who had been left homeless because of the storm. FEMA was not charged rent for utilizing the property because they all had been left homeless. The Burns’ family felt the need to give something back to the community that had given them so much over the years.

Company History


In 1951 Adrian D. and Ona S. Burns moved to the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The Burns’ would proceed to make the Gulf Coast their home, buy and operate a business, and raise their children on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Mr. Burns was a bomber pilot during WWII and retired as a Colonel from the U.S. Air Force. Mr. and Mrs. Burns purchased and operated a small “Mom and Pop” cottage-type motel known as Gulf Haven Motor Court. Gulf Haven Motor Court resided at the same location as the current Gulf Haven RV Resort. 

On August 17, 1969 Hurricane Camille struck the Gulf Coast. Gulf Haven Motor Court and the Burns’ home were destroyed by the hurricane. Afterwards, the Burns’ obtained an SBA loan in order to rebuild their home and business. The business then became Burnsway Trailer Park, which the couple operated together until they both passed away.

Construction Begins.

​         ​Just days after Katrina

                       our history

FEMA agreed to the plan and laid the infrastructure to comply with all city and state codes. So, the wonderful property became a FEMA Park! Yes, Gulf Haven Campground is proud to have been a FEMA Park during a time that so many in the area needed a place to call home! During the time Gulf Haven Campground was used as a FEMA Park, there were no reported incidences of crime as was common among FEMA Parks during that transitional time. FEMA withdrew all of their units on November 1, 2007 at which time the property reverted back to private use.

The property was updated with new RV hook-ups, pull-through spaces, Wi-Fi access and cable connection at every site, palm trees, flower beds, and much more! The office building was constructed which houses not only the office, but the showers and restrooms. A wraparound porch equipped with rocking chairs overlooks the beautiful Gulf of Mexico! During this period of change, a decision was made to revert back to the original name of Gulf Haven Campground… Truly a first class RV Park!

​Gulf Haven RV Resort